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My husband was diagnosed as diabetic neuropathy. He had numbness in both legs for almost 2 years. After the first treatment, his numbness on both legs were gone”

Col.Charles & Fran Santo,St Clair Shore,MI


“My husband caught a 300 lb dye that damages his right shoulder. He was diagnosed with Parkinson, Sleep Apnea and depression. Now Gage finally looks forward to getting out of bed and living life with minimum pain and less drugs”                   

Gage & Carol Durante Sterling Heights, MI


“I suffered with gout arthritis on both hands; my left hand was severely swollen for six weeks, I couldn’t drive my car or do my routine daily work. Andy’s dedicated skillful work slowly restored circulation and eliminated toxins and returned my hand to normal.”

Sigmund Eckert, Detroit, Michigan                    


“I was in a severe car accident four years ago and had a severe whiplash, tenderness along my neck, soreness at the base of my skull, swelling of my face and neck, strong headaches, numbness/tingling in my hands and arms. I started having fever almost every single day for unknown causes. These last four years have been a very hard time for me. I had to stop my work because simple daily routines are impossible. I can not even sit still four more than 40 minutes.

The results are amazing. The fever's gone. The redness and swelling are almost gone as well my body was getting rid of the toxins and trigger points. Thanks again Andy. You really made a difference in my health and life.”

Angela Peixoto, Brazil





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